I was right about leaving “Fakebook”

They are banning so many conservative posts, especially one of our friends who tells the truth. And I hear on the TRUTHFUL media—One America News, available on DirectTV (online at OANN.com) they are banning more conservatives from speaking the truth.

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Time to Leave “Fakebook”

I have canceled “Facebook” ……(I call it FAKEBOOK) in the past & am about ready to do that again.  The only reason I haven’t, is I happened on to some friends from the past that I had no contact with.  But yesterday I got a big SCAM on Facebook from someone that was supposed to be a relative….but it wasn’t really him.  Thankfully, I called the REAL person & verified it was NOT him, giving me SCAMMING advice on “FAKEBOOK” to get my personal information.  I’ve never had anything like that happen on WordPress.


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     Most of us have family and friends who served in some branch of the military. They have all given up part (some all) of their lives and well-being to protect us. Now it’s our turn to help protect those who still serve and those who will. It seems impossible that any foreign enemy could weaken our military. But our government, starting with Clinton and Obama are doing just that. It looks like this current administration will go along with it.
When someone buys into the “political correctness” based on everything opposite of what our nation was founded on, including the Bible and the Constitution, they are weakening and harming our people and helping our enemies. Please listen to Dr. Dobson’s broadcast at drjamesdobson.org from April 3, 2017 to find out some facts about what is going on in the military and contact the sources he provides.
When so called “Christian Conservatives” buy into the politically correct agenda, they obviously care more what people think about them than they do the people who are engaged in statistically deadly behavior. If you care about people, don’t endorse their deadly behavior, and don’t be afraid to speak the truth. Our constitution was based on His truth, not false “truth”. Right now, if you care about those who served and are serving in our military, and your children and grandchildren, who may have to serve, including young girls, help protect them, by learning and speaking the truth.

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Jerusalem IS the capital of Israel !

What a miracle that Hilary didn’t get elected & we now have a President who will support Israel.  It was an obvious answer to prayer.  Who would have ever thought Donald Trump would side with the true conservatives and Israel?  I hope and pray they will move the U.S Embassy to Jerusalem.  Why can other countries & the U. M. (that’s what I call it) tell Israel what its capital is?  Can they tell us what our capital is?  Can they tell us where our borders are?


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March 24, 2017 · 5:51 pm


Today starts the BIBLICAL day of prayer,  (at sundown) of Yom Kippur.  I don’t get why  some “Christians” will get together and pray with Muslims, and others, who worship a different false god, on the “National Day of Prayer”, but they do not join our Jewish brothers to fast and pray on the Biblical day of prayer that God established.

PLEASE pray (fast if you are able), not just for our own sins, but for our nation.  We are under God’s judgment for rejection of the standards this nation was founded on.  Yes, we need to vote for the person most likely to adhere to those standards, but Yawheh is our Rock and our Fortress.  He is our only hope.  Blessings to all who will join us this evening and tomorrow to pray and fast for His mercy and forgiveness.

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Dig Trump out of the Dump

Many “conservative Christians” say they won’t vote this election because of some of the nasty things Trump has said, focusing on 11 years ago. (Never mind what Hilary has DONE while in office.) Do you want a president who has been proven to lie many times—even to the family of those killed in BenGazhi, whom she made no attempt to rescue and delete thousands of e-mails that were subpoenaed, ignoring security by using a private server?

Do you want someone back in the White House who’s defended rapists (not just her husband) and laughs at them getting off? Do you want an accused rapist and molester back in the White House and the woman who trashed those victims to be the head of our government?

     I did not support Trump in the primary because of his character and left leaning.   I even said “dump Trump”.   Since he won the primary I have heard comments on American Family Radio and Dr. Dobson, about Trump accepting Christ recently. Only God knows. But I am seeing evidence he is taking advice from conservative Christians, including Mike Pence and Ben Carson. His faith advisory board will include Michelle Bachman, Dr. Dobson and other conservative Christians. Even Ted Cruz said he would vote for him over Hillary. Trump has also endorsed a good list of Constitutional judges for the Supreme Court, which will make a huge difference in our right to religious liberty in this country. (See firstliberty.org) We are losing our freedom. Hillary said she will appoint judges who support Roe v. Wade, which does away with innocent babies’ right to life.

If you’ve seen the movie, Hillary’s America, by D’nesh Dsouza, you will see that she was strongly influenced by Saul Alinsky, who wrote Rules for Radicals, dedicated to Lucifer. Watch and read to see who she is.

Who is Hillary listening to now? Her assistant for 20 years , Huma Abedin, a Saudia Arabia raised woman, who served on the Executive Board of Muslim Students Association, at George Washington University, of which Anwar al-Awlaki , who mentored the 9/11 hijackers had been the chaplain. Many groups associated with the Muslim Brotherhood grew out of the MSA.

Huma’s mother, still living in Saudia Arabia, works in organizations to spread Sharia law throughout the world, especially Western countries, and is editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affiars, known as a pro-Jihadist journal. The year Huma went to work for Hillary, she became the assistant editor. Huma worked for at least 12 years on the editorial board of Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, when she was also White House intern and assistant to Clinton.

Hillary’s “Clinton Foundation” has received millions from Saudi Arabia. Coincidence?   She supports open borders and plans to bring in millions more Muslims from Syria, which the security branch says they can’t even properly vet. Get ready for more terrorists attacks.

This administration has totally depleted our military of troops, weapons, airplanes, ships, submarines and many strong military officers. Do you think Hillary as commander in chief will undo that? Ask those who served to protected her how she treated them while she was in office, the secret service and the military. If they greeted her when walking down the hallway, her response was to “f-off”. She couldn’t stand seeing the military wearing uniforms and wanted them to wear business suits. Even Ronald Kessler, investigative reporter for Washington Post said, “When in public, Hillary smiles and acts graciously, as soon as the cameras are gone, her angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident.”

I admit that Hillary is a much better actress than Trump, but I don’t think acting is a good qualification for President.   Honesty and support for the Constitution and security for our nation is way more important.

Obama beat Romney by about 4 ½ million. They say 25 million “Christians” did not vote. That was a vote for Obama.

If you care about freedom and safety for your children and the people who have sacrificed their lives and many their physical abilities for your freedom, get up and dig Trump out of the dump. Register, vote, and pray for this nation.

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Why is the World More Dangerous?

I just read a timely quote from Albert Einstein.

“The World is not dangerous because of those who do harm, but because of those who look at it without doing anything.”

That seems to be our world–again.  I thought it was supposed to be, “NEVER AGAIN.”


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That’s Religious Liberty?

The feds allow Indians to kill bald eagles for pagan religious beliefs, but they prosecute people who will not bake a cake for, or host a homosexual wedding because of Biblical religious beliefs. So that’s religious liberty?

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Outsmart Your Cancer

Last September I got a memorable birthday surprise.  “You have stage 2 breast cancer.  Could be in other parts of your body.”  A few months before that I had happened onto The Truth About Cancer Series.  Then they came out with another series after I was diagnosed.  We prayed & felt like God was leading us down a non-traditional path, so I agreed to the surgery, but not the chemo, radiation, or estrogen blocking pills.  I asked my oncologist if chemo wasn’t labeled by the FDA a carcinogen.  He said “Yes, It can cause liver cancer.” (My neighbor died of that after they gave him chemo after surgery for colon cancer.)   It just didn’t make sense to me to put a carcinogen into my body to fight cancer.  Also, I had recently seen so many friends, family and neighbors die after just a few chemo treatments & others after years of chemo and radiation.

All the books I’ve read and testimonies in TTAC series verified to me there were many other health building options to fighting cancer, than the traditional and deadly treatments that most people think are the only options.  I’ve also met quite a few people since then who have chosen the non-traditional treatments, and years later were fine.

All my research  showed there were a lot of methods to fight cancer, but the main issue is building up your immune system, so I started going to Riordan Clinic for blood tests, to see the whole picture.  Then I started taking the Vitamin C IV’s (weekly).  They have been proven to fight cancer cells and build up your immune system.  I learned about other home protocols and started them.  It has been over 6 months and thankfully, the last two tests were normal.  To keep it from coming back, I am staying on the home protocols, including a healthier diet & still doing the IV’s, but not as often.

I just feel led to get the truth out, whether it is religion, politics or health.  So here are some resources that I feel would be helpful to those who are looking for other options.

Resources to Outsmart Your Cancer


The Truth About Cancer


  1. cancertutor.com
  2. thetruthaboutcancer.com
  3. budwigcenter.com
  4. breastcancerchoices.org
  5. mercola.com type in Vitamin C & Dr. Hunninghake for interview
  6. riordanclinic.org
  7. healthfreedom.info/essiac
  8. blog.paleohacks.com   (for lots of good recipes)
  9. gerson.org



  1. Outsmart Your Cancer by Tanya Harter Pierce
  2. How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day by Bill Henderson
  3. Cancer, Step Outside the Box/Ty Bollinger
  4. Cancer Cover-up/ Kathleen Deoul
  5. The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away
  6. The Iodine Crisis
  7. The Rife Handbook/Nenah Sylver
  8. World Without Cancer/G. Edward Griffin
  9. The Gerson Therapy/Charlotte Gerson & Morton Walker


  2. Vitamin C infusions/IV’s
  3. Budwig Protocol
  4. Essiac Tea (best place to buy—A-ZNutrients.com
  5. Bitter Apricot Seeds (B17)
  6. Gerson Therapy/coffee enemas
  7. Infrared Sauna
  8. LOTS of greens & cruciferous vegetables, (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries,etc)
  9. Probiotics: Kombucha & or sauerkraut
  10. Rifing Machine
  11. According to Dr. Francisco Contreras: 2 Best Cancer Treatments: Music and Laughter “One minute of laughter will boost your immune system 24 hrs.


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