Most of us have family and friends who served in some branch of the military. They have all given up part (some all) of their lives and well-being to protect us. Now it’s our turn to help protect those who still serve and those who will. It seems impossible that any foreign enemy could weaken our military. But our government, starting with Clinton and Obama are doing just that. It looks like this current administration will go along with it.
When someone buys into the “political correctness” based on everything opposite of what our nation was founded on, including the Bible and the Constitution, they are weakening and harming our people and helping our enemies. Please listen to Dr. Dobson’s broadcast at from April 3, 2017 to find out some facts about what is going on in the military and contact the sources he provides.
When so called “Christian Conservatives” buy into the politically correct agenda, they obviously care more what people think about them than they do the people who are engaged in statistically deadly behavior. If you care about people, don’t endorse their deadly behavior, and don’t be afraid to speak the truth. Our constitution was based on His truth, not false “truth”. Right now, if you care about those who served and are serving in our military, and your children and grandchildren, who may have to serve, including young girls, help protect them, by learning and speaking the truth.

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