Outsmart Your Cancer

Last September I got a memorable birthday surprise.  “You have stage 2 breast cancer.  Could be in other parts of your body.”  A few months before that I had happened onto The Truth About Cancer Series.  Then they came out with another series after I was diagnosed.  We prayed & felt like God was leading us down a non-traditional path, so I agreed to the surgery, but not the chemo, radiation, or estrogen blocking pills.  I asked my oncologist if chemo wasn’t labeled by the FDA a carcinogen.  He said “Yes, It can cause liver cancer.” (My neighbor died of that after they gave him chemo after surgery for colon cancer.)   It just didn’t make sense to me to put a carcinogen into my body to fight cancer.  Also, I had recently seen so many friends, family and neighbors die after just a few chemo treatments & others after years of chemo and radiation.

All the books I’ve read and testimonies in TTAC series verified to me there were many other health building options to fighting cancer, than the traditional and deadly treatments that most people think are the only options.  I’ve also met quite a few people since then who have chosen the non-traditional treatments, and years later were fine.

All my research  showed there were a lot of methods to fight cancer, but the main issue is building up your immune system, so I started going to Riordan Clinic for blood tests, to see the whole picture.  Then I started taking the Vitamin C IV’s (weekly).  They have been proven to fight cancer cells and build up your immune system.  I learned about other home protocols and started them.  It has been over 6 months and thankfully, the last two tests were normal.  To keep it from coming back, I am staying on the home protocols, including a healthier diet & still doing the IV’s, but not as often.

I just feel led to get the truth out, whether it is religion, politics or health.  So here are some resources that I feel would be helpful to those who are looking for other options.

Resources to Outsmart Your Cancer


The Truth About Cancer


  1. cancertutor.com
  2. thetruthaboutcancer.com
  3. budwigcenter.com
  4. breastcancerchoices.org
  5. mercola.com type in Vitamin C & Dr. Hunninghake for interview
  6. riordanclinic.org
  7. healthfreedom.info/essiac
  8. blog.paleohacks.com   (for lots of good recipes)
  9. gerson.org



  1. Outsmart Your Cancer by Tanya Harter Pierce
  2. How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day by Bill Henderson
  3. Cancer, Step Outside the Box/Ty Bollinger
  4. Cancer Cover-up/ Kathleen Deoul
  5. The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away
  6. The Iodine Crisis
  7. The Rife Handbook/Nenah Sylver
  8. World Without Cancer/G. Edward Griffin
  9. The Gerson Therapy/Charlotte Gerson & Morton Walker


  2. Vitamin C infusions/IV’s
  3. Budwig Protocol
  4. Essiac Tea (best place to buy—A-ZNutrients.com
  5. Bitter Apricot Seeds (B17)
  6. Gerson Therapy/coffee enemas
  7. Infrared Sauna
  8. LOTS of greens & cruciferous vegetables, (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries,etc)
  9. Probiotics: Kombucha & or sauerkraut
  10. Rifing Machine
  11. According to Dr. Francisco Contreras: 2 Best Cancer Treatments: Music and Laughter “One minute of laughter will boost your immune system 24 hrs.


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2 responses to “Outsmart Your Cancer

  1. Sharron Long

    Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! And the Truth will set you free. Well done Kay. I am so, so happy for you.

  2. Wow, Kay, I had no idea about this. So glad you are beating it, especially with alternative means. Will pray for you also. Tell Neil hi for me. God bless you both.

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