Vote for Character & Integrity

Do conservative evangelicals endorse?:

Planned Parenthood & partial birth abortion,

universal health care,

using eminent domain to try and take an elderly woman’s property to build a parking lot for your gambling casino,

refusing to side with Israel against Palestinians who are slaughtering Jews almost daily & refusing to eliminate the “Iranian deal– that they did not even sign,

giving lots of money to support politicians like Hllary Clinton, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, and John Kerry,

hiring illegal immigrants,

using foul language and personal attacks instead of answering questions,

bragging in the past about promiscuity, bringing a first lady into the White house who posts bikini and nude pictures of herself,

defending Putin, though he kills Russian journalists, because he is a strong leader,

and saying Hillary is the best Secretary of State we have ever had?

If so, we have not only changed the definition of marriage, but also the definition of conservative, Christian and evangelical. People who support Donald Trump just because he is a “good businessman, (who was bankrupt four times) should maybe just nominate George Soros. Trump is an entertaining actor, but is that what we are looking for in a president? If so, Trump’s your man. I say, DUMP Trump and support Ted Cruz, a true Christian conservative who would never stoop to the level Trump has and has actually defended the American people and the Constitution before the Supreme Court many times. Vote for character and integrity.  Ted Cruz.


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