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Blogging thru the Bible/ I Kings/Judgment

I just finished the book of I Kings and here are some of my observations:

12:32,33  Yarov’am (Jereboam) sets up his OWN festival in the month and place HE chooses rather than encourage the people to observe what YHWH had commanded.

I’m sure  no one would think of doing that today….right??

11:1-10 “King Shlomo loved many foreign women…..he didn’t obey Adonai’s orders.”  Solomon was supposed to be the wisest man who ever lived, yet he disobeyed YHWH’s instructions NOT to marry pagan women.  Sure enough, they led him astray after false gods.

If that could happen to the wisest man who ever lived, do we think it won’t happen to us if we marry people who do not keep His commandments?

20:43; 21:4 refers to Ach’av (Ahab) being resentful and depressed, resentful and depressed.  If you read the story, he was resentful and depressed because he was bringing on God’s judgment by his disobedience and he was coveting something (a vineyard) that did not belong to him.  In 21:27  He finally shows some sign of remorse (instead of just being resentful and depressed) and God postpones some of the judgment that is due him.

The next time we are resentful and depressed, perhaps we need to ask ourselves why.

11:14;  11:23;  14:15; 20:20  All indicate  YHWH has brought disaster, raised up adversaries and, scattered, and given Israel over into the hands of her enemies for their refusal to obey His commandments and walk in His ways.

Could it be that He has raised up adversaries against us, brought disaster on us and given us over into the hands of our enemies for the same reason?   Or are we somehow exempt from His judgment?


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Blogging thru the Bible/Do You Feel Like a Failure?

“Yes, keep this book of the Torah on your lips, and meditate on it day and night, so that you will take care to act according to everything written in it.  Then your undertakings will prosper  and you will succeed.”  Joshua 1:8  (CJB)

If I had to choose one “life” verse, this would be it.  The Word of God is the only 100% sure anchor and roadmap for our lives.  To the extent we learn it, meditate on it and DO it, we will prosper and succeed.  If you don’t read and study it, you won’t know it.  If you don’t know it, you won’t do it.

When my life is in the greatest turmoil and strife, it’s usually because I haven’t been doing what this verse says.  Doesn’t mean I won’t have sorrow, or great trials.  But it does mean in the midst of them, I will have peace –shalom–the true security and well-being that comes only from the Father.  It doesn’t mean I will be famous or have great wealth, but it does mean I will be accomplishing what the Father has set before me to make a difference in His kingdom.  It does mean that I will be blessed, because the Father cannot bless disobedience.

The enemy knows this verse probably better than we do, because he throws so many roadblocks in our way to keep us from the Torah/Word of God.  Some of them are frivolous.  We live in such an entertainment, “I deserve it”, oriented world that we often spend an inordinate amount of time being entertained.  Some of the roadblocks are seemingly “good” things that take our time.  Trust me, I’m a type A personality & I always have a long list of things I really need to get done.  All very important.

When we cannot find time for the Word of God in our lives, we really do not believe what this verse says.  We usually manage to eat three times a day.  We should be able to find time to feed on the Bread of life at least once in 24 hours.



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Blogging thru the Bible/Be Separate

“All the people answered as one, ‘Everything Adonai has said, we will do..”   (Ex. 19:8, CJB)

“Moshe stood at the entrance to the camp and shouted, ‘Whoever is for Adonai, come to me.'”  (Ex. 32:26, CJB)   “Moshe said, ‘You have consecrated yourselves to Adonai, because everyone of you has been against his own son, and against his own kinsman, in order to bring a blessing on yourselves today.'”  (Ex. 32:29, CJB)

Although the Hebrew people had vowed to do everything God commanded them to do, a short time later, they built an idol and plunged into idolatry and revelry.  Words are cheap.  Many claim to follow God.  Few really follow through.  It means more than just a mental assent to what He says.

Moses demanded a separation for those who were really serious about obeying God. Moses was the symbol and conduit of God’s teachings and instructions, or Torah.  So those who wanted to escape God’s judgment had to align themselves with Moses, even at the cost of leaving behind their own loved ones who refused to embrace His laws.  There is a parallel verse in the NT.

“He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.”  (Matt. 10:37, NAS)

If we fit in with the majority, there’s a chance we may not be really concecrated to God.




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Blogging thru the Bible

I have for the last 10 years or so read through the Bible every year.  About two years ago, I started reading through the Bible in Hebrew.  THAT went a little slower, since I am still learning the language.  I am in Jeremiah (in Hebrew) and I also read the Torah portion in Hebrew every week.  This year, I decided to also go back to reading through the Bible in English.  I invite you to join me!  If you have never done it, I guarantee you will be surprised how much you will learn and how it will bless your life.  ( You only have to read 3.26 chapters a day, although sometimes I read more.)

I will be posting some comments based on my reading for the day as often as I can.  I welcome you to join in and add your comments.

I did start reading on January 1st, but just getting around to posting comments.

The following are based on Genesis 1-20

Genesis 2:3  “God blessed the seventh day and separated it as holy..”  (CJB)

Comment:   I hear so many people say it doesn’t matter what day, or we’re free from keeping Sabbath, but it was set apart as holy clear back in Genesis.  So when did God change that?’  He thought it important enough to set in stone, but I don’t see where he changed it.

Genesis 6:14  “Make yourself an ark of gopher wood..”

Comment:  Do you ever feel like you are in the minority, following God?  Think how Noah felt, building an ark when it had never rained and having only your family follow you?

Genesis 12:3  “I will bless those who bless you, but I will curse anyone who curse you…”

Comment:  God is speaking to Abraham.  This is repeated several times throughout scripture in reference to the descendants of Abraham.  It seems to me there is an increasing number of people under a curse by God for their treatment of  His people.

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Battle for Torah

My new book for children is now available from  Amazon and my publisher, http://www.CreateSpace.com/3698796, as well as my website, http://www.batTorahBooks.com (as soon as I receive my copies).  My site will offer discount for purchase of more than one book.  Battle for Torah:  The Message of Hanukkah is a children’s book, written in rhyme, telling the story of the Maccabees and their battle to defend their right to obey Torah.  The book encourages children to follow Torah, as Yeshua taught, in spite of those around us who say we should not obey.  It is meant as a teaching tool for parents with their young children, and has a Q & A section in the back.  I wrote the poem for my grandchildren and my husband, Neal,  did the pencil sketches.  You can read more about the book on my website.

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The 1st Commandment

Realizing that so many of us “raised in the church” may have (through our ignorance) really believed in and kept only 9 of the commandments, I thought it important to help my grandchildren learn all 10 and what they meant.  They could both easily recite all 10 by age three and shortly thereafter give a brief explanation of each one.  (We did have to instruct my granddaughter that the 9th commandment did not have to do with “bearing false sweatness”:)  Imagine my surprise, when someone recently informed me that the  1st Commandment wasn’t “Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods before Me”!  According to Hebrew interpretation, it is Exodus 20:2:  “I am the Lord (YHWH) your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.”  (The next two are combined into the 2nd commandment).  The idea being that our Father is establishing His authority and reminding us who He is, distinguished from all the false gods of the surrounding nations.  If you read through the Torah, He constantly repeats this first commandment to recognize Him as the one true God.  Just a reminder (to me) that we are all still learning, unless we have come to the place where we think we know it all.  As one of my Bible college professors so aptly put it, “We’re all wrong somewhere.”  Father, continue to show me where.

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