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Rosh Hashana, Birthday, Tel Aviv

Just getting to come to Israel has been a wonderful experience.  We were invited to join a large family and many of their friends for Rosh Hashana, which happened to fall on my birthday.  Then on Friday, we drove to Tel Aviv, where we ate lunch, walked along the beach and visited a Messianic Congregation in the late afternoon before the beginning of Shabbat.  Thought we didn’t understand much of it since it was all in Hebrew, we did know one of the songs (in Hebrew, Sh’ma Israel), were able to follow some of the scriptures, enjoyed the shofar blowing for Yom Teruah, and joined them in a time of repentance looking forward to Yom Kippur.  Before and after the service, we visited with a few English-speaking people and were invited to join them all for a meal.  I just THOUGHT I knew what a feast was before coming here and joining people for Shabbat & Rosh Hashana/Yom Teruah.  I had know idea.  I have never seen so much food and preparations as they do for every Shabbat and Feast day.  Delicious, too, I might add.

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