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Give Up Your Home for the “Common Good”?

I heard on a radio program yesterday about a group of people demanding that older people with larger homes than they need give them up so younger families can move into them. Nothing said about a purchase. It reminded me of a book I read about Stalinist Russia, THE WHISPERERS by Orlando Figes. It chronicles the murderous regime and how it forced people to become “whisperers” because you could be executed or sent to the labor camps for saying the wrong thing. One of the many diabolical ploys they used to break down the family unit was to “appropriate” large homes for “the people’s use”. They would force homeowners to allow maybe 10 or 12 families (perfect strangers) to move into their houses, with one extended family of parents, children, aunts, uncles, grandparents all crammed into ONE ROOM. They were bent on breaking down the family, destroying businesses and especially the farmers, who were religious and self-reliant. They did this through massive taxation and eventually outright theft of property. The goal was to make people totally dependent on the government. Read the book and see if it reminds you of any current events. I also highly recommend The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich von Hayek. Frightening warning written in the 40’s about how socialism ALWAYS leads to totalitarianism.
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