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Blogging thru the Bible/Keeping the 9 Commandments

Incidentally, I discovered recently that the first commandment is not what I thought it was.  Instead, see:  Exodus 20:2  (CJB)  “I am Adonai your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the abode of slavery.”  (See my very first blog about this. 9/11/11)

I always wonder why, in the churches most of us grew up in, we were taught to keep only the 9 Commandments.  Last time I checked, there were ten (at least).  Every time I read through the Bible, over and over again, I read that God set apart the 7th day, starting in Genesis 2:3.  The commandment to keep Sabbath is repeated numerous times in the scriptures.  God even wrote it in stone.  But somehow, our religious leaders come up with all kinds of convoluted reasons why we do not have to keep it.  None of the passages they quote, are quoting God, who instituted the Sabbath.  Seems to me, He is the only one qualified to abolish or make it UNholy.  (See Matthew 5:17 & following.)

Also, if you really want to know the truth, get a concordance and look up every reference on the Sabbath and I think, like us, you will come to a whole new understanding of the Sabbath.

What people don’t seem to understand is, that it is a gift, #1 & #2, it is supposed to be about God.

Exodus 16:29  (CJB)  “Look, Adoinai has given you the Shabbat… each of you is to stay where you are; no one is to leave his place on the 7th day.”

Exodus 20:8, 11  (CJB)  “Remember the day, Shabbat”  to set it apart for God.” “This is why Adonai blessed the day, Shabbat, and separated it for Himself.”

See also, Leviticus 23 and Isaiah 56:6,7 & 58:13, 14.

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Blogging thru the Bible/Be Separate

“All the people answered as one, ‘Everything Adonai has said, we will do..”   (Ex. 19:8, CJB)

“Moshe stood at the entrance to the camp and shouted, ‘Whoever is for Adonai, come to me.'”  (Ex. 32:26, CJB)   “Moshe said, ‘You have consecrated yourselves to Adonai, because everyone of you has been against his own son, and against his own kinsman, in order to bring a blessing on yourselves today.'”  (Ex. 32:29, CJB)

Although the Hebrew people had vowed to do everything God commanded them to do, a short time later, they built an idol and plunged into idolatry and revelry.  Words are cheap.  Many claim to follow God.  Few really follow through.  It means more than just a mental assent to what He says.

Moses demanded a separation for those who were really serious about obeying God. Moses was the symbol and conduit of God’s teachings and instructions, or Torah.  So those who wanted to escape God’s judgment had to align themselves with Moses, even at the cost of leaving behind their own loved ones who refused to embrace His laws.  There is a parallel verse in the NT.

“He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.”  (Matt. 10:37, NAS)

If we fit in with the majority, there’s a chance we may not be really concecrated to God.




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Blogging thru the Bible/I’m Sorry vs. Repentance

Ex. 8:4  “…Intercede with Adonai to take the frogs away from me and my people, and I will let the people go…”  (CJB)

Ex.  Ex. 8:22  “But when Pharaoh saw that he had been given some relief, he made himself hardhearted and would not listen to them just as Adonai had said would happen.”  (CJB)

Ex.  9:27  “…This time I have sinned:  Adonai is in the right:  I and my people are in the wrong.” (CJB)

Ex.10:  16 , 17   “..I have sinned against Adonai your God and against you.  Now, therefore, please forgive my sin just this once; and intercede with Adonai your God…”  (CJB)

I have often heard that included in the formula for salvation propagated by many in the religious community is the need to acknowledge that we are a sinner.  I have even been told by some in an evangelical church, that repentance isn’t even necessary for salvation.   It seems to me repentance is a constant theme throughout scripture, and without it, there is no forgiveness from God.

Well, just saying you are sorry and admitting that one is a sinner certainly isn’t repentance, as we can see by Pharoah’s words and actions.  He admitted more than once he had sinned, then when God showed mercy, he continued with his outright defiance of God.  His defiance and lack of true repentance led to the death of every firstborn in his kingdom as well as his army, and presumably his own destruction.

Like Pharaoh, we are given many opportunities to repent.  But there is eventually an end to those opportunities.

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