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Yad Vashem

“These words are taken from the words of Isaiah:1 “For so says the Lord to the eunuchs who will keep My Sabbaths and will choose what I desire and hold fast to My covenant, ‘I will give them in My house and in My walls a “Yad vaShem” (place and a name), better than sons and daughters; an everlasting name I will give him, which will not be discontinued.’”  Yad = a place; Shem = a name. “A place and a name,” for those who were not given the dignity of a Jewish burial, or any burial at all in millions of cases.”

The Monday before we left, we went back to Jerusalem to Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial.  The gentleman at the information desk was a holocaust survivor himself, also his brother, the only ones to survive in their entire family.  Pictures are not allowed in the historical museum.  You wouldn’t want to photograph what we saw anyway.  The pictures below are of the memorials to survivors, children and those who fought back against the Nazis.  We had been to the Holocaust  Memorial in Washington D.C., which impacted me greatly.  This was even more devastating.  Every politician and world leader should be required to go through this museum and every school child should be taught the truth about what happened to the Jewish people throughout the centuries, beginning with the crusades and up through  World War II.

Now I realize why every shabbat and feast day is a priority for families in Israel to get together, unlike America, where so many families are falling apart and choosing to walk away from each other.  The Jewish families had no choice.  They were torn apart, tortured and exterminated.  Perhaps that’s why they value the families they have.

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