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And You Still Trust the FDA?????

The FDA has approved the so-called “morning after pill” for children of any age.  Even the Obama administration, the staunchest abortion ally  to inhabit the White House,  has  (by way of Kathleen Sebelius) nixed the “any age” rule and restricted it to children 17 and older.  Is a 17-year-old a child, or not?  All these drugs have proven to have serious side effects  for the person taking them (not to mention snuffing out a life).  So there you are.  Our Federal Nanny says it’s ok for children,  facing an unexpected pregnancy, (what’s wrong with that phrase?) to, without parental or even doctor’s approval buy a serious drug over the counter to deal with the problem, possibly incurring serious side effects.  That’s ok. But God forbid if anyone should buy or sell RAW MILK.  They will come in and raid  your place,  pour out the diabolical substance and haul you to jail.  And you still TRUST the FDA?????

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