Home Again

Just a quick post to let everyone who has been following that we did arrive home late the 1st after quite a challenging trip home.  After two hour delay going thru the Ben Gurion airport trying to figure out why they said we would be on a “waiting list” to fly home in NY (we weren’t) –then running to try & catch the plane, we did the same thing once we hit the states.  Hit the ground running at every airport.  The amazing thing is that we made it to Kansas City on time and our checked luggage was ready for pick-up as soon as we got there!!

We did somehow arrive home without one of the sacks of souvenirs we bought to share with friends and family.  That was very disappointing, but could have been worse.   We have been non-stop busy with catching up on business (damaged properties from hail damage, etc.)  Delighted to have my step parents visit for a couple of nights & since then company every day for Feast of Tabernacles.  So more cooking and feasting & some great fellowship.

We are so glad we made the trip and saw and experienced so much.  Still, it is good to be home & makes us very thankful to live where we live—until we turn on the news and hear what is going on.  Sort of makes us want to go back.

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