The Picture of Courage and Tenacity

The most amazing experience we had yesterday was to see the beginnings of a new “settlement” in the Shomron. (Samaria), which is legally and biblically part of Israel.  We drove miles and miles through barren hills before we started to see the desert blooming here and there with trees, grapevines, greenhouses and fields.  We went up one hill to see the beginnings of a new settlement.  There was a little coffee shop/restaurant, where we stopped for some coffee.  I was shocked to see something like that in the settlement, considering what else we saw.  People were working with straw and mud to build houses and that was pretty much all that was there.  No hardware stores or lumber yards to run get supplies.  Just very hard-working courageous people fulfilling prophecy and being part of history as God’s chose people continue to return to the land and build and plant and see the desert bloom.

By the way, the village where we are staying  (Nevey Menachem) and the other hills of Karnei Shomron started in much the same way and they are just beautiful.  You would think you were in Hawaii.  I’m quite sure in 5-10 years, This place will look just as beautiful.

Cafe at Roteem


Back patio at Cafe

Back patio at Cafe


Our 3 guys at the cafe


Neal, enjoying the view



The first house built at the settlement.

First house at Roteem. Made from mud.

First house. Made from mud.


Side view of first house.


Walls, made of mud & straw.


Other houses at settlement.


House under construction.


Making the straw/mud walls. (A lady inside the wall, stomping down the mixture.)


Phone booth at settlement.


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2 responses to “The Picture of Courage and Tenacity

  1. Anonymous

    Good to see all the pics!!!And THANK YOU for the call!  I was at work yesterday, so not able to carry my phone and missed your call.  But thanks for thinking of me! Take care, love you!!

  2. Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing these photos. -Donald

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