Ein Gev/Kibbutz on the Galilee

The next stop yesterday was a kibbutz on the Galilee, called Ein Gev, where Rory, our friend from Australia had worked 10 years ago.  The changes since then were amazing to see.  We saw the crops, livestock, restaurant & gift shop, a shop to buy skin products made from olive seeds and oil, a harbor where they give boat tours.  (not running when we were there or we would have taken one.)  We did buy some of the skin products and olive oil.


Restaurant at Ein Gev


View of Sea of Galilee


Sea of Galilee from harbor at Ein Gev


Harbor at Ein Gev


Fruit stand at Ein Gev


The most cattle we’ve seen in Israel.


Cattle at Ein Gev


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2 responses to “Ein Gev/Kibbutz on the Galilee

  1. Anonymous

    GREAT pics!! Smile Kay!!!!

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