Beyt Yosef

We are staying in Beyt Yosef (House of Joseph) in Neveh Menacham, one of the hills of Karnei Shomron (in Samaria).  It is a guest house with several bedrooms and three kitchens for guests. (2 kosher and one not kosher).  The view of the outlying hills is beautiful and the house is surrounded with all kinds of fruit trees and vines, etrog, mango, passion fruit, pomegranate, figs, grapes, banana, and lemon.  Every village (sort of suburb) in Karnei Shomron is very neat, clean, well done with blooming trees, flowers and bushes everywhere.  I will have to take some more pictures and edit this posting so you can see.  We were only here in Shomron (Samaria) a day or two before we could easily see from a distance (as well as driving thru) which villages are Arab and which ones are Jewish.  The Jewish ones are neat, orderly, clean and beautiful.  The Arab villages are nothing like that and when you drive through them, they are full of trash and junk everywhere.

Beyt Josef guest house.

Beyt Josef guest house.


View of guest house from the side.


View from the balcony.


Another view from the balcony.


Banana plant behind grape vines.


Lemon Tree


Bougainvillea everywhere. This one just getting started. Geraniums are 2-3 feet high.


Bloom on the banana plant.


Etrog, which should be ripe in time for Festival of Sukkot.


Ripening olives in the back yard. Olive trees are everywhere.


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