Vineyard in the Rocks

We had the most wonderful experience yesterday as we drove to see The Mount of Blessing and Curses and some of the Jewish Settlements on the sides of the mountains–as we passed the fertile valleys below, given over to the Arabs.  The Jewish people continue to make the desert bloom and I am just astounded to see things growing from the rocks, on the hills of Samaria/Shomron–like the vineyard below.  It was an incredible experience & I am inundated with so many things to see—AND do—as we hurry to file insurance & baggage claims, I am hurrying to take pictures and document what I am seeing. We also did some shopping again for groceries and things to replace what we are missing.  I normally don’t really enjoy shopping, but this is an enjoyable learning experience because most everything is in Hebrew, but we meet a few English-speaking people who are so helpful and want to engage in conversation with us.

An answer to prayer, (and many of yours)–when we returned to Beyt Josef, the guest house where we are staying in Karnei Shomron, last night, our other bag, Neal’s had arrived–all taped up, since it had a broken zipper, had some (medical) things taken out and dumped in a plastic bad and several things missing from the bag.  We are not sure what happened, but we were thanking God for what we DID receive– some medical necessities as well as clothing, etc.  (also thankful we had travel insurance (Travel Guard–so far very helpful)  Thank you all for your prayers & all I can say is, although it is a difficult trip, it is PACKED WITH BLESSINGS TO BE HERE!  Come on over!

Vineyards in the Rocks

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