Kfar Saba

Just for a recap, we arrived in Tel Aviv Thursday at about 1:30 pm.  Our luggage didn’t, and Friday was busy seeing a few local sites, shopping for some groceries, dealing with  lot of details and preparing for Sabbath, so we did not go shopping to replace a few lost things until Sunday.   Our new young friend, Johan, from South Africa, who has already been here over a month, went with us to help navigate our way to and around Kfar Saba, which is to the west of Karnei Shomron, where we are staying.  It is a large, beautiful, city with plenty of places to shop.  Neal and Johan were very patient waiting on me most of the day as I tried to find some basics, to replace what didn’t arrive.  Now and then, I would encounter someone who spoke a little English, to some who spoke quite a bit.  I explained to them my situation and they were so kind and helpful.  Shopping for clothes or groceries takes a little long because, although I read a little Hebrew– I don’t’ alway know what it means, and the items I am looking for are not necessarily listed in the Tanach, where I am learning Hebrew.  But the reason we are here is to learn and experience the culture, and that is exactly what we are doing.  (The drive there was amazing—olive trees everywhere, goat herds here & there & donkey lead carts. We had a fun time going in and out of the shops, talking, learning, laughing & eating lunch at a nice restaurant named “Moses”-very good food.  We came home and got ready to go to Ovadyah’s house for a wonderful cook-out and fellowship.  They had a lovely table set under a canopied deck next to a pool.  Johan grilled the meat while the rest of us visited with Ovadyah and his wonderful welcoming wife, Hannah–who was also going back and forth to check the phone for word of the imminent birth of their new great-grandson, who arrived before we finished our meal (back in South Africa, where Hannah & Ovadyah made aliyah from.)  We had a wonderful visit and they invited us for Shabbat meal next Friday.  The other great news is that my suitcase arrived right before our meal.  We were all praising the Father for that and praying for Neal’s to arrive soon.  We have been so busy, I am still behind on my  sleep and difficult to even find time to open my computer, so more on today’s incredible trip (to Mt. Gerazim, Ebal and Kabir) tomorrow.




Pink flower picture/the guys as we walked to Ovadyah’s house for dinner.

The next picture  is the incredible view from the deck overlooking the hills of Karnei Shomron.



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