Israel on My Bucket List

   For years, especially since we started realizing the significance of the Sabbath & Feasts, I have wanted to visit Israel.  My husband always said, “No.  We will wait unit there is no threat of war.”  I reminded him that we have both read “the Book” and that time will not happen–no threat of war –until Messiah comes to save his people.  About 3 months ago he agreed to go, we booked the tickets & I said it would be an adventure— and then watched a new and much escalated war break out.  We’ve had no thought of canceling the trip because I feel it must be His will and timing since my husband and I AGREED when to go and how long to stay!!  (a miracle)   People ask me if I’m worried about safety issues.  Well, maybe a little.  We will be flying through Chicago and New York City, two of the most dangerous cities in America.  We might get a little extra exercise running for a bomb shelter in Israel, but the older we get, the more important it is to stay active, right?  Anyway, it’s something we’ve never done, so will be a unique experience.  

   It’s a little complicated figuring out all the technical issues with booking, what to take, transportation, what to wear, hair appliances, shekels vs. dollars, TSA requirements, etc. etc.  NOW I know why people book tours.  But I like to learn and this WILL be a learning experience.

   So, if you have an interest, you can follow along as we leave in a few days & I will post comments & pictures as I am able.  Any tips from those who have made the trip are welcome.


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5 responses to “Israel on My Bucket List

  1. We haven’t been to Jerusalem yet, but were told we would be given a tour by a rabbi who is friendly to people like us. So far, it is so amazing. To see the dessert on one side as we drive thru Shomron and then see blossoming trees and palm trees that look like we are in Hawaii! The desert really is blooming and I pray they never again throw out their own people to hand it over to people who want to wipe them off the face of the earth.

  2. Sarah Alt

    I visited Israel in the summer of 2010. It was VERY hot. You will not need a blow dryer as there was always one in the hotel room just like in the states. My favorite places were on the Sea of Galilee and being baptized in the Jordan river. On the Sea felt very much like it would have been in Jesus time. The river has changed, but it was still a very special time.
    It is not safe to cross a street, so don’t let the situation there worry you. You are in God’s hands and He is in control!
    Have a great trip.

    • We are not staying in a hotel, but a guest house in Shomoron. You are right. It is was very hot last night when we got here, but cooler this evening. A blessing since we have no ac in the house. We have had some challenges, but blessed with meeting some wonderful people.

  3. I am excited for you and a bit envious also! I made the trip last fall and spent 12 days! It was incredible!!! Aside from Jerusalem, I think Kinnerett (The Galilee) was my favorite. The area around Jerusalem has been built up so much and changed so much (including the walls around/in the old city, which were built/rebuilt by the Ottomans) it barely resembles the Jerusalem of Jesus’ time. Kinnerett on the other hand still looks very much like it did then and you can look at the hills surrounding the lake and the lake itself and share the many of the same views that Jesus and the Disciples saw.

    The thing I disliked about Jerusalem is the “religiousity” of the planting of churches by the Romans/Byzantines. The “Church of the Holy Sepulchre” isn’t even at the site of the tomb, and the spooky ceremonial chanting/religious exuberance still haunt these buildings. I didn’t enjoy them at all.

    The Western Wall on Shabbat was the most incredibly emotional experience! I can’t even tell you what it’s like to see/hear it! The celebration of the God of Life on this plaza, contrasts starkly with the Allah of Death which dominates the Temple Mount and Muslim controlled parts of the city. Life vs death, Hope vs Hopeless, Light vs Darkness, it’s amazing to see it on the peoples faces; So very apparent!


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