The Israeli Solution

If you have bought into the lies that Israel is “occupying Palestinian territory” and suppressing the      “Palestinians” or that they are guilty of genocide and war crimes– or like our incompetent Secretary of State, John Kerry, suggesting they are an apartheid state, then you are simply uninformed.  Most of the people who have bought into the politically correct, U.N. friendly stance do not know history and are ignorant of the facts.

I urge everyone who really cares to read Carolyn Glick’s book, The Israeli Solution”.  Her well-documented book gives the history of the state of Israel and proves that the so-called Palestinians are much better under Israeli rule.  Of course, those Arabs who endorse Israel are in grave danger of being tortured and shot by the Palestinian Authority, who also uses our tax dollars to pay off those who murder Israelis.  Those countries, organizations and the Presbyterian Church who think they are helping the “Palestinians” by boycotting products coming out of the so-called West Bank ( Judea and Samaria), are actually hurting those people who make far better wages in that area working for Israeli businesses.

I thought I knew a lot about Israel/American relationships.  Of course, this President obviously hates Israel.  Why else would he give Hamas 47 million dollars to rearm?  I thought it was not only illegal to fund terrorism, but that America had a policy to not negotiate with them.  Now, this administration puts them on the same level as our most valued ally, Israel.  Total insanity.

But it was Bush and his state department that coerced Israel into giving up Gaza.  Well, it’s pretty obvious now that was a bad idea.  Great place for Hamas to build tunnels and shoot missiles into Israel, hiding behind women and children.  But the betrayal of Israel goes pretty far back with almost every President supporting Yasser Arafat, who rejected every offer Israel made, including giving up Judea and Samaria in exchange for peace.  By the way, they already have a “two state solution”.  Gaza and Israel.  If they give up Judea and Samaria, they will be signing their own death warrant.

No one seems to remember that Judea and Samaria were annexed by Jordan after they and fellow Arabs attacked Israel in 1948 in an effort to annihilate the Jews, but they failed in that attempt.   They were attacked again in 1967 by the Arab nations and beaten back by Israel, who won back Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.  So why should they have to give it back?  So they can invade and attack from closer range?  International law does not support that idea.  If so, we would have to give back Texas to Mexico.

She’s right.  The only solution is The Israeli Solution.  Read the book.  (by Carolyn Glick)



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  1. We all knew in ’05 that Israel pulling out of Gaza was a bad idea. I met “Palestinian Arabs” in Israel last fall who prefer Israel to govern, hands down. As Caroline says, the quality of life is so much better for those Arabs who can participate in the Israeli economy, than those who refuse.

    For Israel to give up control of “West Bank”, more accurately named Samaria/Judea, it would be suicide. I have been on that line and you can see the coastal city of Netanya from that ’67 line. The walls that have been built along those hiways had to be put up to stop sniper bullets from hitting travellers on the roads, being fired from houses in the Palestinian controlled areas. Any walls, fences, or security gates have been put up out of necessity to keep bullets, car bombs, and suicide vests out of Israeli society.

    When Israel left Gaza they had their own election. They elected HAMAS to govern. As we have so bluntly been told in America so many times, “Elections have consequences!” Vote for a terrorist and you endorse terrorism. Well Gaza, terrorism has its own consequences…

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