Is This REALLY Love?

     About LGBT Pride month:   Many say we must endorse this behavior because we shouldn’t cast stones.  When the Bible says “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone,” it is talking about condemning a person—literally to death, in that case.  After the accusers left, Jesus did say,  “Neither do I condemn you, go your way and sin no more.”  No one ever quotes the rest of His admonition.  I wonder if most of the people who misuse verses like that to justify certain behavior have ever actually read the Book in its entirety?  Just because we should not verbally condemn a person does not mean we endorse his actions.  Nor does it mean we should be forced to change the definition of marriage, which has meant one thing since the beginning of time.  Although there are exceptions, I believe people who do NOT endorse homosexuality, care more for the persons involved than those who laud and celebrate their activity.  Most who endorse it do so out of fear of being labeled a hatemonger, which means they care more about themselves and their reputation than for those trapped in homosexuality.   

     Discrimination?  I have not heard of many unemployed or homeless homosexuals (due to their lifestyle).  But I hear increasingly of people losing their jobs for merely stating they support traditional marriage.  I also know of many, including myself who have received anonymous threats and calls for merely expressing a sincere belief in non-hateful way.

     The Bible sets standards of morality not as restrictions but always for our own benefit.  If Biblical standards are not important to you, try a little common sense and just look at the facts.   Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth by Dr. Jeffery Satinover details not only why young people are drawn into that lifestyle—many are molested as children (94% by men)—but also the deadly results of that kind of lifestyle.  AIDS is only one of the many deadly diseases that are a direct result of their physical relations with one another.  There is a 25 to 30 year decrease in life expectancy, due to their deadly activities, as well as a high rate of suicide.  You say the suicide is because they are not accepted?  On the contrary, I agree with Dr. Satinover that it is because they are told they are born this way and can never change.  Should we have an Alcoholics and Drug Addicts Pride month and encourage that behavior?  Would that cut down on THEIR suicide rate and make them feel better about themselves?  Would that actually be loving them?  Should we outlaw treatment for alcoholics and drug addicts because many believe they are born with a proclivity so we must accept and endorse what they do?  That kind of so-called acceptance would be deadly for them just as it is for homosexuals.  (Condemning them to death?) And you call that love?  We have not only changed the definition of marriage, we have changed the definition of love.

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