Benefits of Breaking Your Wrist

My philosophy of life is, “It could always be worse.”  So when I fell backwards at a dance (for seniors)and fractured my wrist in several places , I thought of all the ways it could be worse.   Here are a few.

#1  I was glad it was me & not one of them.  I takes longer to heal when you are older.

#2.  It could very easily have been BOTH wrists since I fell backwards & landed on both hands.

#3.  It could have been my head.  I have enough trouble with my brain working as it is.

It was almost funny since I always worry that one of the people there might fall or collapse from a heart attack.(most are 20 or more years older than us–that’s why we like to go to their dances–we are the youngsters.)  So who falls?  Me–one of the youngest there. (though over 60)  And they are hovering over me, bringing me ice, etc.

Here are a few benefits of breaking your wrist:

#1.  I now have nice long nails on THAT hand, since I can’t use it for anything.  (I never have nails since my hands are always in the dirt (gardening) or dishwater–I cook a lot–from scratch.)

#2.  I feel much more appreciated since my husband has been doing a lot of things he never had to do before–cooking, cleaning, dishes….

#3.  We are spending a lot more time together since I couldn’t do ANYTHING without his help–even dressing myself and doing my hair.  (the hair was the deal-breaker–he was a good sport about everything else.)

#4.  Makes me  SO thankful for all the little things I always took for granted.   I am making progress only 2 weeks after the surgery–I can even do my own hair, tie my own shoes and for the most part, dress myself.   When I think of so many in our military who have lost limbs, I realize I have nothing to complain about & everything to be thankful for.

SO, if you want to have nice nails, feel appreciated, spend more time with your spouse and learn to be more thankful, just break a bone!

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