When Time is Up

When Time is Up

kk 4/28/13

 Within just a few weeks we watched

Three friends bury their beloved husbands,

All younger than we,

Which begs the question, why them, not us?

Women who would give anything

For one more moment,

One more embrace,

One last goodbye.

Children, lost without their dad.

Parents bearing a burden

No parent should have to bear.

And yet here we are, a family,

Alive, healthy and whole,

Yet sick and torn apart,

Not by death but by choice.

Empty hearts at a loss

To understand the anger,

That would cause such grief and loss,

And ripping lives apart.

Then I recall how those,

Enduring death

Remembered their loved one,

Who lived for God and others,

Always helping, always giving,

No doubt forgiving and being forgiven

Throughout their shortened life,

As if they knew that time was short

And they must make the most

Of what they had with family.

And not waste the precious hours

And days in selfish anger;

How next to God,

They valued family.

I heard how many lives were touched

And changed by these three,

Bringing glory to the One

Who would call them home.

How they were examples of

Selfless love, hard work,

And witnesses for Christ.

And then I wonder, when our time

Is up and we are gone,

What will be said of us—of me?

Did I love others more than self?

Was I quick to forgive, or accuse?

Did I really make a difference?

Or was it all about me?

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One response to “When Time is Up

  1. Very moving, Kay.
    Nothing makes one contemplate relationships with the living quite like reflection upon those who have passed.
    It seems for naught that one struggles and loves, suffers and cries,
    serves and mentors, laughs and then dies,
    but it isn’t for naught, nor in vain that we live,
    but for Glory to God, and that, Him we do give.
    For someday when we’re gone, there’ll be those who recall
    Our own contributions, which we tend to think small
    Not the “big things” that we endeavored to leave,
    but all the “simple” things…that’s what will be grieved.

    God Bless you

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