I just finished a very enlightening book by David Horowitz, Radical Son.  He was raised a communist and dedicated his life to leftist agendas, including defending the Black Panthers, until one of his own friends was killed at their hands.  That began his journey of “second thoughts” about the left and their blind defense of any means to achieve their ends, including withholding information about the known transmission of aids, resulting in the death of hundreds or even thousands, to defending totalitarian regimes like Castro and the Sandinistas, and the murderous Black Panthers.

It was most fascinating to read how the tactics of the early 60’s radicals have not changed at all.   One interesting quote was, “Lenin said that the object of a political argument was not to win a debate, but to wipe one’s political opponent from the face of the earth.”  Notice how that is still being used today?  If you disagree with the left, you are instantly branded a bigoted hate-monger.  I have even been personally threatened, as I know others have, who speak out for Biblical or Constitutional values.

Another observation was that many who were registered Communists in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, commonly referred to themselves as “Progressives”.  No one seemed to bat an eye when Hilary referred to herself  as a Progressive.  Coincidence?  I think not.

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