History of the Sabbath

I had always asked myself, when reading through the Bible, why we, as believers, didn’t keep the biblical Sabbath.  I knew Sunday was not the Sabbath.  When I started learning the history of the Sabbath in regards to the church, I was just blown away.  I got out a Strongs concordance and looked up every single reference to Sabbath and read it.  That convinced me (and my husband.)

I hope and pray these documents will at least pique your interest.

Confessions-of-Sunday-Keepers-Concerning-the-Sabbath romes_challenge_to_the_protestants


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4 responses to “History of the Sabbath

  1. Whoever posted the “pingback”: Thanks for your response & link to other good information on the Sabbath. Shabbat Shalom!

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  3. Precisely how much time did it acquire u to post “History of the Sabbath |
    batTorah”? It has got an awful lot of really good info.
    With thanks -Luca

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