The Voice

The Voice


 My friend when no one cares,

My confidant when no one listens,

Always on my side,

Defending me when no one will.


Filling my ears and my mind,

To drown the wave after wave

Of would-be friends and family

Who can never see it my way.


Their silent disapproval

Makes me angry and vengeful;

Those holier-than-thou,

Who do not really care.


Yet, this tender voice of pity,

Always understands,

The wounds and hate I’ve taken

From those who say they love me.


Even God, suppose to bless

Seems bent on cursing me,

I’ve had it with His “help”.

He’s not been there for me.


At least that’s what the voice says,

He’s the only one I trust,

I’ll keep on listening to him,

Though some say he’s my enemy.

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