New Page/Great Movies

I just watched one of those rare movies that not only made me cry, but contemplate the importance and meaning of life and the people we love.  It prompted me to add a new page, Movies.  So, in addition to checking out my “Book” page at the top you may want to check out my “Movies” page.  I do not watch a ton of movies and will quit after the first 10 minutes if I think it is a waste of my time, so be assured that the movies and books I have listed are well worth your time.  I will be adding to the list, so you may want to check in now & then.  And remember to redeem the time.  Don’t waste it on trash.  We only have so much left in this life.  Maybe not as much as we think.

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  1. The movie I last watched that was really worthwhile, was “Lovely Still”.

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