Blogging thru the Bible/A Fair Fight?

“Y’hoshua captured all these kings and their land all at the same time, because ADONAI, THE God of ISRA’EL FOUGHT ON ISRA’EL’S BEHALF.”  Joshua 10:42  (CJB)

It seem that the whole world, once more, is against Israel.  Anti-Semitism is on the rise across Europe and even America.  Terrorists blew themselves up in cafes and buses in Israel, but the news was how cruel the Israeli police were.  Hamas shoots hundreds of rockets into Israel, but all you hear is how Israel’s response is out of proportion.  Again, the nation is threatened on every side with total annihilation. But, as we see many times in Scripture, and in every war Israel has fought since 1948, Adonai will once again fight for Israel.  Kind of evens things up, don’t you think?

Puts things like this in perspective.

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