Blogging thru the Bible/Do You Feel Like a Failure?

“Yes, keep this book of the Torah on your lips, and meditate on it day and night, so that you will take care to act according to everything written in it.  Then your undertakings will prosper  and you will succeed.”  Joshua 1:8  (CJB)

If I had to choose one “life” verse, this would be it.  The Word of God is the only 100% sure anchor and roadmap for our lives.  To the extent we learn it, meditate on it and DO it, we will prosper and succeed.  If you don’t read and study it, you won’t know it.  If you don’t know it, you won’t do it.

When my life is in the greatest turmoil and strife, it’s usually because I haven’t been doing what this verse says.  Doesn’t mean I won’t have sorrow, or great trials.  But it does mean in the midst of them, I will have peace –shalom–the true security and well-being that comes only from the Father.  It doesn’t mean I will be famous or have great wealth, but it does mean I will be accomplishing what the Father has set before me to make a difference in His kingdom.  It does mean that I will be blessed, because the Father cannot bless disobedience.

The enemy knows this verse probably better than we do, because he throws so many roadblocks in our way to keep us from the Torah/Word of God.  Some of them are frivolous.  We live in such an entertainment, “I deserve it”, oriented world that we often spend an inordinate amount of time being entertained.  Some of the roadblocks are seemingly “good” things that take our time.  Trust me, I’m a type A personality & I always have a long list of things I really need to get done.  All very important.

When we cannot find time for the Word of God in our lives, we really do not believe what this verse says.  We usually manage to eat three times a day.  We should be able to find time to feed on the Bread of life at least once in 24 hours.



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8 responses to “Blogging thru the Bible/Do You Feel Like a Failure?

  1. I’m not sure who “you people” are that you refer to, however, Jews and Christians are both guilty of not listening, but merely replacing what HE said with their own doctrines.

    • Same here, I do not know whom you are referring as “Christians”. If you think that the members of the Roman Catholic churches, Protestants churches, Orthodox churches and Mormons are Christians, you are dead wrong. They are not Christians, some of them pretend to be Christians, some thought that they are already Christians, some were deceived members.
      The “you people” which I’m trying to point out are the Jews, and that includes you.
      It’s that clear enough for you ?

      • I cannot judge a person’s heart & where they stand with God, but people who attend the churches you refer to–if they truly are Christians, it’s usually in spite of what their church teaches, not because of it. We can certainly judge whether a TEACHING is biblical. I agree with most of what you said except for one point where you are mistaken. I am not Jewish. I am a believer in Messiah, and have been all my life. After much research and study I realized the plain facts of history are that the Catholic church changed the sabbath day to Sunday and on penalty of death, forbade keeping the feasts that God Himself set up. The Roman church, through syncretism, brought in their idols from other religions and also their holy days–and just called them Christian holidays–Christmas and Easter. A simple look at history will confirm this. That is why many believers in Jesus (Yeshua) have realized what we have missed in not keeping the feasts of the Lord. They all point to Christ. Millions of believers in Christ around the world have returned to the BIBLICAL Sabbath and the BIBLICAL holidays! Thanks for your perceptive comments!

      • You know what ? You really did not understand what you are reading. I perceive , that you are still in the dark. Cause if you are already in the light you should have understand what you are reading, cause Jesus Christ will give you light or understanding, and since you did not understand, Christ was not yet in you.
        Now, if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is NONE OF HIS(Rom.8:9)
        Those who say they are Christian, and still observe sabbath, do not understand the scriptures(NT). To a Christian guided by the Spirit of Christ , understand that Jesus Christ is THE SABBATH himself. HE is “The REST”.
        Understand the verse:
        COME UNTO ME
        all ye that labour and are heavy laden
        take my yoke upon you and learn of me :
        and YOU WILL FIND REST unto your souls (Matthew 11:28-30)

        Now, about “Change the sabbath day to Sunday”.
        Read the ff. verses yourself :Act 20:7 ; I Cor. 16:2)

      • Wow! That’s the first time someone has accused me of not having Christ in me because I disagreed with them on a non-salvation issue of scripture! I can tell you there are many thousands more educated than you seem to be on this issue who are also keeping the biblical sabbath and feasts and by their fruits, I believe they do have Christ living in them. To begin with, you need to get an Interlinear Bible and look up the last two scriptures you mentioned. (The same ones I used to quote to people.) The GREEK says “mia ton Sabbaton” (reference G4521), which is a derivative of the Hebrew word, Sabbath (reference H7676). The word “day” is not even in the original text. I used to give some of the very same arguments until I set aside the “doctrines” of men I had been taught through all my life in church and 4 years of Bible college and just looked at what the Bible clearly says.
        Unlike, Mormonism and Islam, with the Bible when someone else–Moses, David, the prophets, or the disciples comes along, teaching scripture, it never abrogates what has been already established by GOD Himself. Even before the giving of the Law, He set apart the 7th day in Genesis 2:3 as holy. You can not find one scripture where HE rescinded that. He even wrote it in stone on Mt. Sinai. Whether you think the disciples met on the first day of the week–they may have on Sat. at sundown for their Havdalah service–or not, it still doesn’t do away with the sabbath. You can also find many references in the N.T. where they were meeting and teaching on the sabbath. Remember that Paul in Acts 17:11 commended the Bereans for searching the scriptures to see if what he was telling them was truth. What scriptures did they have? No N.T. at that time, just the Tanach (OT). Paul was falsely accused later of teaching against the law, which turned out not to be true. Keep in mind, the law was never given for salvation, but to point out our sinfulness, i.e. to define sin. If it is abolished, we have no definition of sin & everyone just does what is right in his own eyes. (Pretty much our current world.)
        The most convincing thing for me was to just take a concordance and look up every single reference to Sabbath in the Bible. It had always bothered me WHY we weren’t taught to keep the Sabbath since it is commanded over and over and over again. I finally came to the obvious conclusion: I was wrong! Since I decided to just believe what it said, I’ve realized it is a blessing and NOT a burden. (I John 5:3)
        But I find it very interesting that no one EVER quotes God Himself as saying the sabbath (& thus the 10 Commandments) are done away with. Even Jesus said in Matt. 5:17 “I did not come to do away with the law. but to fulfill.” Fulfill can mean a lot of things, but it does not mean abolish. He says in v.19 “Whoever annuls one of the least of these commandments, and so teaches others, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever keeps and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” Everything the disciples taught must line up with what their Lord and Master said from the Beginning and reaffirmed in Matt. 5.

      • “I can tell you there are many thousands more EDUCATED THAN YOU…….
        I believe they do have Christ living in them ”
        “I have set aside………4yrs in bible college”

        I’d just reached up to a 2nd yrs in college. I am a dropout student
        cause by poverty and maybe of laziness also. At that time, I was not interested to learn the bible. My favorite pastime is playing a game of chess. And some money involved. I spent almost 12hours a day, 5 days in a week, for 15yrs of my life, in this game alone. But ,one day, while along the way going home from playing chess, I’ve encountered a group of people that seem debating on something, and it is almost one in the morning, so I’m curios as to what they are debating. then I’ve found out that they are debating of their own perception or belief . There are different kind of groups. They are Baptist, Church of Christ, Roman Catholics, Church of Satan, Church of Numbers, each has it’s own interpretation of the what are written in the bible. And you what , I cannot understand of why I’m enjoying listening in their debate. So for almost weeks of listening, I decided to read the bible. But there is a problem, after reading the entire bible , I seem not to understand it’s content. So I read it again, until I’ve come to read Chapter 1 verse 5-6 in the book of James. So, I’ve done just that. I’d prayed and ask for wisdom. And do you what, the next day, when I’d read again the bible, the words in the bible were opened to me.
        The point of all these is, higher education seems a cursed to a person in understanding the bible. Some of the Apostles are unlearned people. Bro. Paul, was an educated person, but because of what he had learned, it makes him zealous to his belief, that even led to a point of killing Christians. He became a Christian only, when Jesus Christ showed him understanding. That is what is happening to you, the education that you had acquired in bible college is a hindrance for you, in understanding the bible.
        Understand the ff.verses :
        # “For you see your calling , brethren, how that NOT MANY wise men after the flesh, NOT MANY mighty, NOT MANY nobles , ARE CALLED :
        But God HATH CHOSEN the foolish things of the world to CONFOUND the wise ; And God HATH CHOSEN the weak things of the world TO CONFOUND the things which are mighty,
        And base things of the world, and things which are despised, HATH GOD CHOSEN, yea, and things which are not, TO BRING TO NOUGHT things which are.
        That NO FLESH should glory in HIS presence. (1 Cor. 1: 26-29) 21st century KJV.

        What you should do right now, is to first empty your mind, with all the knowledge and belief that is stored in your brain, then prayed to the Father in heaven, that HE may give you wisdom. But ASK IT IN FAITH. NO WAVERING.

      • I didn’t mention education to imply that only those who have a degree can understand the Bible. You are right, my Bible college was in SOME ways a hindrance only because of the man-made doctrines that are taught. It was very helpful in other ways. What I meant by education was that those who are reading the text in the original languages will sometimes discover a different meaning altogether than what it says in the English. Doesn’t mean you have to know the original languages, but it’s very helpful if you can access literal translations, as I mentioned about the verses you referred to. No matter your education, it’s helpful to remember that we who pursue God are still learning and it is a lifelong process. You seem to imply that just because you prayed for understanding (as if the rest of us haven’t?) that those who don’t agree with you are not “in Christ” and don’t have understanding. I also thought I had all the answers at one time, but finally had to admit that I was wrong about some things and still had much to learn. That is not saying the Word of God changes, just that NONE of us have perfect knowledge and we are all wrong SOMEWHERE. When we think we know it all, we have quit learning and growing.
        I agree totally with your last few paragraphs. That is exactly what I have done, and along with carefully searching the scriptures, has led me to my current belief which its based on Scripture, not on man-made traditions.

  2. If it’s true that you believed that the word of God is the only 100% sure anchor and roadmap for our live, why then you people did not listened to what HE says ?

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