Blogging thru the Bible/But WHY Do We HAVE To????

Remember your kids always asking, But WHY do I have to?  You explain & they say, “BUT WHY???”

God’s people are no different.  Not only asking why, but deciding at some point they are all grown up  (because of “grace” or whatever) and no longer have to obey.  He anticipated that and told us EXACTLY WHY we should obey.  Here are just a few reasons from the first few chapters of Deuteronomy. (CJB)

4:1  “…so that you will live..”

4:6  “…all the people will see you as having wisdom and understanding..”

4:40  “ you will prolong your days in the land..”

5:26(29)  “… so it would go well with them and their children forever..”

6:2  “…so that you will have  long life..”

6:3 & 18  “… so that things will go well with you..”

6:24  “…so that He might keep us alive…”

7:13  “…He will love you, bless you…”

8:1  “…so that you will live…”

10:13  “…for your own good..”    (ever heard that from your parents?)

11:13  “..I will give your land the rain at the right seasons…”

11:21  “…so your children will live long on the land…”

11:25  “…no one will be able to withstand you…”    (as opposed to can’t stand you)

Oh, and perhaps the most important one of all:

John 14 :15  “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”

Seems we only want to focus on His love for us instead of our love for him.  Maybe that’s because it requires obedience.

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