What in the name of all that is decent is wrong with our justice system? Is the life of a 20 month old child worth so little?   Saturday’s paper reports that a woman in Topeka was sentenced  to less than five years for purposely burning and suffocating her boyfriend’s daughter. There is no excuse for that kind of sentence.  Not plea bargaining.  Not in the interest of saving the court the expense of a trial.  Not for any reason.   Is it alright just because it was someone else’s child?  That story should have made headlines in every newspaper in our country.   But it seems we have become desensitized by such repeated flagrant injustice.  Where is the outrage?

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  1. Pat W

    It is the nature of the “Beast” we are fighting against. Morally our society has become so bad that “Good” is evil and evil is good. 😦

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