Back to Basics

What a fun day!  I bought 3 gallons of raw milk yesterday (for animal consumption only, of course).  Today I made more kefir and yogurt, sugar-free ice cream (with honey  & xylitol) and for the first time, Mozzarella Cheese!  Turned out great!  (Now, I’ll have to make pizza for this week-end.)  I’m trying to talk my husband into milking again, but he’s not too interested in doing that.  (Doesn’t help that he accidentally burned our milking barn down about 10 years ago.)  I will use the whey for making bread.  Last week, I used goat whey in my Challah bread and Orange rolls, and both turned out great.

I don’t know why,but I just enjoy getting back to the basics and doing everything from scratch.

I’m excited to see some of my plants recovering from the freeze in my greenhouse after the heater went out one night.  The zucchini has recovered & is setting on squash, I’m still picking lettuce and a few peppers, fresh rosemary and basil, and my little moringa plants are looking good!  Best of all, I have baby STRAWBERRIES  setting on!!! Yeah!!   I’m sprouting more lettuce and spinach, cucumbers, squash and tomatoes.    I am fighting aphids with Safer Soap, but considering ordering some ladybugs to eat the little varmints.  Has anyone out there had experience with this problem or solution?

It was over 60 and just beautiful today, so I walked my 2 miles outside. Much more enjoyable than a treadmill!

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