Only Lunatics Allowed Inside With a Gun

Thursday, another disturbed individual opened fire on the Virginia Tech campus before turning the gun on himself.  Perhaps more laws would have prevented the killings.  He drove onto the campus in a stolen SUV.  Maybe a law against SUV’s on campus would have helped.  He was wearing a backpack.  How about a law against backpacks on campus?  In case any one out there has a sudden attack of common sense, you might realize that those laws would only have prohibited LAW-ABIDING people from driving SUV’s or wearing backpacks on campus.  Just like only law-abiding people refrain from carrying guns on campus, in accordance with the law.  Does anyone think he didn’t KNOW about laws prohibiting guns on campus?

     This tragic incident AGAIN illustrates that an armed officer on campus cannot usually prevent a crime.  An armed citizen may not either, but I contend one or two armed citizens in a group of people may have been able to prevent the massacre of 32 and the wounding of 25 others.  I vote for giving it a try.  We’ve already tried the other method.  How’s that working?
 Maybe all you folks out there responsible for the NO GUNS ALLOWED signs on your building should take note that the ONLY people you are keeping from bringing a gun inside are the kind of people who won’t be murdering anyone.  The other kind obviously pay no attention to your ludicrous signs or laws.   You might as well post a sign that says, “Only lunatics allowed inside with a gun.”

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