Back to the Garden; Digging in the Dirt

It was a cold morning. Cold enough for a wool jacket, gloves and hat.  Would have been smart to wear long underwear, but I was doing good to pull my pile lined rubber boots on, run down to the corral and climb over the fence in time to help Neal sort out some calves to take to the sale barn.  It’s quite often a rodeo, getting the right ones sorted from the rest of the 30 something cows and calves, but this morning they didn’t seem so offended to be told where to go and we had a fairly easy time sorting.  Kind of like directing traffic.  Most of them even stepped up into the trailer without Neal prodding them. He slammed shut the door,  fixed the latch and took off for the sale barn while I led the other cattle down to the far pasture, only a quarter mile or so down a dirt path to the gate, where I pulled off the wire catch & dragged the  fence back to let them out onto the new green wheat pasture.  They’re always eager to get out and get some green when everything else is brown and dry.  I walked back to the house thinking how peaceful and simple life is when we get outside  away from the things that so concern us. (I recall when my babies were fussy, we needed only to take them outside and they instantly quieted down and were content to just be outdoors.)   The day before,  I was in the greenhouse repotting lettuce, pepper and  tomato plants.  There’s just something calming about digging in the dirt.  I forget the pain, the heartache, the long list of “to do” and just prune, and plant, dig and water and wonder at how things grow and produce with only a little help from me.  Like being back in the Garden….Of all the places where God could have put man, he chose the garden, surrounded by plants and animals.  After all, we have a kinship with the soil, since that’s where He took Adam from.  Hebrew for ground is “adamah”.  We think we have come so far with all our electronics, skyscrapers, space craft and modernity.  But when we encounter difficulty and stress, none of that gives us peace.   We have only to return to the Garden, or whatever small semblance of it we have nearby….tend to some plants, interact with or observe the animals and dig in the dirt.

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  1. Pat

    What a blessing! Thanks for sharing. I needed this for sure.

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