Life or Death

I used to think I knew what faith was all about.  It seems that as we get older in “the faith”, we learn how little we knew.  Each difficulty is another opportunity to trust Him.   He sometimes allows things that you have no ability to solve.  It may be the world situation.  It may be a health problem, a relationship impasse, or loss of a loved one.  It usually involves fear, pain or grief.    Chronic, nagging, or unexpected stabbing, crushing pain.  Physical.  Emotional.  Crushing.  Just when you think you have set it aside or overcome it,  you’re suddenly overwhelmed with pain or  grief at the intruding memories or present realities.

Great health, faithful friends, loving family, money in the bank, success.  All demand gratitude, but not necessarily faith.  Grief, pain,illness,  fear, loneliness, depression, loss.  All opportunities to believe.  To trust.  But like Daniel, Shadrach, Job, Gideon, Joshua, we must choose.  Give in to what threatens to bury us, or choose to trust.  One is death.  The other is life.

“Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.”  Job 13:15

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