A thoughtful lady in Thursday’s newspaper raised the question whether it’s appropriate to have the children do the Maypole dance since it is of pagan origin.  Reminds me of my own quandary on discovering that the two major religious holidays for Christians are also of pagan origin. (Look it up.)   I had to ask myself  whether it is appropriate to worship the God of the Bible by celebrating holidays of pagan origin to honor Him.  Of course I said, like everyone does, “It doesn’t mean that to me.” But then, someone was kind enough to inform me that it doesn’t matter what it means to me, but what it means to God.   Deuteronomy 12:30 & Jeremiah 10 give us a clue, as does Leviticus 23. Oh, but then that would have us replacing the “traditions of men” with the commandments of God.  Can’t have that.  We’re free (under grace) to do whatever we want, right?

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