Shifting Sand

When suddenly you realize that your life is fading

Right before your very eyes

And there is nothing you can do

But watch what is failing:

Health, strength, beauty,

Memory, friends, family,

Wealth, possessions, security,


You grasp for only what will last,

Faith, hope, integrity,

The Words and Love of the Father,

Release the shifting sand,

Reach out and grasp the Rock

And know that you are safe.



Filed under Bible, Daily LIfe

2 responses to “Shifting Sand

  1. Pat W

    I just wanted to ask your permission to share in one of my FB groups. Would that be OK? Thanks for posting. If we sift the sand through our fingers it will land at our feet. If we are not standing on the Rock, that sand soon becomes a mire of quicksand. Exactly what the enemy wants. Do we sink, or do we stand firm on the Blessed Rock. 🙂

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