Saved by the Feds

Well, thank goodness Kansans were saved from the danger of elderberry juice by the federal raid conducted on the Wylewood Cellars, where they confiscated all the elderberry juice concentrate.  I know we were all spared untold physical harm that could have been caused by ingesting elderberry juice.  Gee, and I thought it was supposed to be good for you?  I’ve been harvesting and canning my own.  But what do I know?

In April, the feds raided a small Amish farm in Pennsylvania for selling raw milk.  I thought that was good for you, too.  But of course, the federal government knows better.

A man in Georgia was slapped with $5000 in fines for growing too many vegetables in his back yard. He was giving a lot of them away.   Aren’t  vegetables good for you?  Apparently not.

Most recently, the feds conducted a gestapo like raid on a Gibson guitar company, guns drawn, ostensibly to save some obscure tree in Madagascar.  Of course, we’ve heard about the molestations and strip searches at airports to save us from small children and 90 year old grandmas.  Now, who would have ever thought elderberry juice, raw milk, , vegetables, guitars, small children and grandmothers would pose such threats to our safety?  It’s a good thing we have the federal government here in EVERY area of our lives (including our toilets and light bulbs) to save us from imminent danger.

Sort of puts a new twist on the term “terrorist”, doesn’t it?

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  1. Yeah, especially any one who buys those dangerous “night flashlights” listed on the DHS list of “see somethink, say somethink”. Those people have got to be suspicious. I mean what use would a peaceful person have for a “night flashlight”? Why do they need to see in the dark anyway?

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