The Shoes


(copyright)Kay Kindall 1/10/10

She walked slowly down the long corridor

Cradling his shoes.

Shoes that had just taken him hiking

With his children.

Earlier that day to worship,

And fellowship with friends.

Shoes that brought him eagerly,

To embrace his wife.

And to a calling involved

In saving life,

Where skill and caring,

Make all the difference.

Shoes that took him away from

Comfort and home,

To help others

Who were hurting and alone,

But always back to

The love of his life,

And the family he loved

More than life.

Shoes that carried him

To meet the Father–

A joyful surprise for him,

A stunning jolt for those

Whose lives were suddenly

Left with a gaping hole,

A gripping pain,

And empty shoes,

That could only be filled

By a loving heavenly Father.

So now we mourn,

Remember, give thanks,

For the man

Who wore the shoes;

Who always chose carefully

Where they would take him.

Resolving that we will follow

In his footsteps.

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